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Tantra and Erectile Dysfunction


One of the many issues that plague young men today is actually Erectile Dysfunction. That seems pretty crazy because this is something most men don’t complain about until they’re well into their silver fox years, however studies have shown that in the U.K. (London in particular) many men under the age of 45 already are un happy with the sex lives and cite the main reason being that they simply cannot perform due to problems pertaining to erectile dysfunction. In case you’re unfamiliar erectile dysfunction is the term used for when a man cannot maintain or even get a fullRead More

Is a Full Body Massage Real?


One of the things that is often talked about when you read about tantric massages from agencies like Tantric Dolls is the full body orgasm everyone seems to be after. It’s described as waves of warmth and relaxation that cover your body and also that your mind enters a state of ‘ecstasy’ where you feel somehow connected to the world and people around you. That’s a tall order to serve… but is there any truth to it or is it just propaganda to make something sound better than it actually is? I guess, like always, there is no real answerRead More

Start Having Better Sex


It’s funny how many people make lists of things they wish to improve every single year and yet none of them contain ‘bettering my sex life’ as one of the items. This is particularly interesting when you think that more than half of the young adults in London have answered in a survey that they do think their sex lives could be much better than what it is right now. It’s probably a question of having to read that list aloud to your friends and family but it also has a lot to do with the fact that we don’tRead More

Feeling Sexy


It’s a pity many men aren’t quite comfortable with being called sexy. They seem to find the word rather a feminine one. Again, it’s a pity because it’s such a wonderful thing to call someone. Sexy means you walk with an air of elegance and grace. It’s not something that relates to any physical attribute or even anything tangible at all. It’s a quality some lucky people possess to walk in a room and simply own it. It’s that thing that makes people look your way when you walk by or how you can make women melt with a simpleRead More

The most useful London escort directories

London escort agency girl

When you are on the hunt for an escort encounter, looking for that gorgeous looking girl who fits all of your prerequisites and works in the London area; it’s hard work if you want to maximise your chances of a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Regular escort connoisseurs will be well aware of this, shopping for a new service provider who is reliable requires a combination of experience, dedication, and occasionally wasted money when you choose an unsatisfying service. If you find yourself in this situation in London, looking for a local service provider in the city that you can trust, byRead More

Lea the Slim Blonde Bombshell

London escorts

Escort review no ; 84324   Escorts name; Lea   Date; 1/6/2016   Time ; 945pm   Duration; 3 hours   Incall or outcall; at her place   Price; £450   Location; Service apartments in Kensington   Agency or indi; Agent   Escort Agency name ( if any) ; Rachaels London Escorts   Website address; www.RachaelsLondonEscorts.co.uk   Her place;   Lea lives in a well know apartment block, her apartment is one of the serviced ones and it is massive. You are going to have to walk about 5 – 10 minutes if you get off the tube at SouthRead More

Where is Suitable For Your International Bunnies escorts


When you decide that you want to enjoy the company of a beautiful companion in the city of London the choice you have is truly breath-taking but here at International Bunnies we have a selection like no other our elite London escorts are some of the most classy ladies in the city and a joy to spend your hard earnt time and money on. Choosing which elite London escorts are for you is one of the hardest decisions in the process of booking an escort, especially with the amount of choice we have on our gallery page we understand itRead More

Lotus Restaurant London

Indian-restaurant-Lotus-to-open-in-London_strict_xxl (1)

Are you looking for a terrific Indian fine dining restaurant in London? If you are looking for an excellent location to tuck into some delicious Indian cuisine when you are in London look no further than the outstanding Lotus restaurant in London. Offering a classy a sophisticated dining space the Lotus restaurant has much to offer and if you are yet to visit this phenomenal restaurant I highly recommend you do so. Here you can find all of the key information needed to know before you visit this restaurant and for those thinking about visiting the helpful information you canRead More

What Makes Chelsea An Incredible City


Chelsea is known country wide as arguably the most affluent area in the whole of the country, if you a resident of the city you will be aware of how incredible this city it is. Chelsea in general has a hell of a lot to offer if you are a visitor, if you are a football fan and in the city of Chelsea you have to experience the atmosphere the premier league creates it really is something special. Chelsea has way more than football to offer for its every visitor, if you enjoy to indulge in some of the mostRead More

Hotels in Liverpool

Liner Hotel

Having stayed in the city countless times over the years, sometimes for Liverpool escorts and sometimes for work; I feel wise and well-informed when it comes to picking where to stay. Here are some of my top suggestions when you want to knock back a few drinks and book an escort for a night of fun and games. The Nadler The Nadler is one of my favourite hotels of all time. It’s not much of a building to look at, but once you get inside you will immediately notice how clean and professional it is. The rooms are fantastic andRead More